May 6, 2010

News Reports About Flying Wrights and Flying Pterosaurs

As I mentioned in my book, Live Pterosars in America, lie-insinuations can unjustly cast doubt on honest innovators and researchers. Consider a quotation from Chapter Two:
The greatest danger facing innovators, rebels, and those who search for living pterosaurs—that’s a newspaper. National newspapers ignored the success of the Wright Brothers (their December, 1903, successful powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina). News reporters and editors, many of them, assumed that the controlled powered-flight of two bicycle mechanics was a lie, that it never happened. Even as late as 1908, many newspaper professionals thought the Wright Brothers “better liars than flyers.” After all, a well-funded government-sponsored flying machine had crashed only a few days before the Wright Brothers were said to have first flown. But lack of news reporting and abundance of lie-insinuations can relate to both flying machines and flying pterosaurs.
What is the point? Generations of indoctrination, in Western societies, regarding universal pterosaur extinction---that does not make eyewitnesses unreliable or researchers liars. The ancient idea of an earth-centered universe was taught, for many generations, until Galileo's observations, and the idea of pterosaur extinction was taught, for a few generations, until now. The real news, in the twenty-first century, is not in some new discovery in a new fossil; it is in the discovery that the many eyewitnesses (from different countries and different cultures and different beliefs) cannot all be wrong about living creatures described like obvious pterosaurs.

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