December 4, 2010

Two Glowing Pterosaurs in the Caribbean

Earlier this year, I received a pterosaur sighting report from a lady who, with family members, had taken a cruise on the Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. On about the second day of their cruise, between about 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., her daughter called her to come out to the balcony to "see something weird."

The lady told me, "The minute I stepped onto the balcony, I knew exactly what she wanted me to see. Off in the distance were two very, very large, pink/orange flourescent birds flying behind each other. They looked like the flying dinosaurs, I forget what they are called. They would fly towards the ship, then back out to sea, then fly together in tandum then make a sharp right, away from the ship and disappear into the night. Then they would return. We witnessed this activity for about fifteen minutes."

I thought about this lady's report and remembered the sighting by the U.S. Marine Eskin Kuhn, in 1971, at the Guantanamo Bay military station in Cuba. He had observed two large "pterodactyls," but in clear daylight, with no glow. At the moment, there is but a distant connection; it deserves a closer look and an open mind to other sightings in the Caribbean.


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