February 8, 2011

Modern Pterosaurs in Georgia

The second edition of my nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America has several pages on the two sightings in Georgia. The ladys saw two different flying creatures, about two weeks apart, but they were of the same species, featherless and long-tailed.
Commuting to work . . . on August 27. She had driven less than ten miles, just leaving an area of pasture, entering an area of thick woods, around a mild downhill curve, with high banks and brush on each side of the road, when an animal suddenly flew from the right, just over the front of her car.
She looked up at a “very long” tail that had a strange shape at the end. She later sent me some sketches . . . one of them showing a thick almost-heart-shape at the end of the tail; it differs from the usual “diamond” shape suggested by some eyewitnesses, but I believe this creature is related to the others.
Two weeks later, on September 10 . . . the sky was again overcast . . . Just two miles out of town, however, as she came to a curve at the top of a gently flowing hill, at a little over a hundred yards away, she saw it: the same kind of creature but not the same individual; this one was bigger.
I have found one piece of indirect evidence supporting this eyewitness account, but I would be very grateful if any other eyewitness comes forward to report to me anything similar in Georgia.

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