March 19, 2011

Marfa Lights Keep Flying Along

The Apollo Mission scientist James Bunnell has spent years of work hunting down the more mysterious Marfa Lights of southwest Texas. In fact, he has written a book about his experiences: Hunting Marfa Lights. He admits that some lights observed near Marfa, Texas, may appear mysterious to visitors, tourists to the Marfa Lights Viewing Park. Many lights that are taken for "Marfa Lights" are actually car headlights, even sometimes with a night-mirage phenomenon. But some lights are truly mysterious even to scientists.

Let's consider those flying lights that are known, by serious investigators like Bunnell, to differ greatly from common lights like car headlights. Consider those lights.

Marfa Lights Explained
Other strange lights, observed only a few times each year, cannot be from car headlights. Those "mystery lights" have been labeled "CE-III" by James Bunnell, author of the book "Hunting Marfa Lights." It doesn't take rocket scientist to realize those lights are extremely weird, baffling even the most determined scientists (Mr. Bunnell is literally a rocket scientist).
Marfa Light Encounter
[Fred Tenny] says that the Marfa mystery lights "have exhibited . . bobbing up and down, splitting and changing colors with occasional retrograde motion . . . Most of them have been red, occasionally fading to orange and very rarely yellow. I have seen individual ones split into as many as three, dance around each other and recombine."
Marfa Lights are Predators?
What are Marfa Lights? James Bunnell, in his book Hunting Marfa Lights, has examined, scientifically, the various lights around Marfa, lights that could be called “mysterious.” He has listed quite a few categories. The point is that car headlights, made mysterious by night-mirage atmospheric conditions, are only one type of mystery light near Marfa. Other classifications of what Bunnell calls “ML” (mystery lights) are seen where there are no highways and even no roads. Some ML have combustion-like properties (Bunnell is literally a rocket scientist), very unlike car headlights, even in the most bizarre atmospheric conditions that could create night mirages. Remote automatic cameras have captured the flights of some lights as they soar just above the bushes south of the Marfa Lights Viewing Platform.
Marfa Lights in Texas
The cryptozoological possibility seems weird, but there are similarities with the ropen lights of Papua New Guinea, and there the lights are said to be nocturnal flying creatures described like giant Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs: ropens.
This extraordinary possibility of living pterosaurs in southwest Texas makes serious scientific investigations worth the effort, even if the bioluminescent predator is eventually found to be a bird or a bat.
With all of that, I believe that Marfa Lights are probably from flying creatures similar to the ropen.

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