November 17, 2011

Third Edition of Live Pterosaurs in America

The third edition of this nonfiction cryptozoology book has recently become available from the online book seller Amazon. From the title page of Live Pterosaurs in America:
How are sightings in the United States related to those in the southwest Pacific? How do some apparent nocturnal pterosaurs pertain to bats, and how are bats irrelevant? How could modern living pterosaurs have escaped scientific notice? These mysteries have slept in the dark, beyond the knowledge of almost all Americans, even beyond our wildest dreams (although the reality of some pterosaurs is a living nightmare to some bats). These mysteries have slept . . . until now.
From the Acknowledgements page of the book:

In the United States of America—that’s where Scott Norman, in 2007, became the first American cryptozoologist to see a clear form of a living pterosaur while searching for one: a large flying creature with a head three to four feet long. We mourn the passing (from natural causes) of our young friend who is deeply missed in the cryptozoology community.

Live Pterosaurs in America (Third Edition)
After months of email interviews, I became convinced that Susan was a credible eyewitness. I believe she saw something like a ropen—probably a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur—that flew in front of her car. The overall communications we have had are inconsistent with both a hoax and a mental health condition. Her descriptions of the creature, and the closeness of the encounter, repudiate a misidentification of a bird or bat.
Media Room - Live Pterosaur
“Suddenly it sat up, as if it had been eating something or resting. The head and upper part of its body, . . . showed . . . [It appeared] right in front of us about thirty feet away. All of us froze for about five seconds, then it took off with a fwap fwap fwap sound . . .”

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