September 23, 2010

Live Pterosaurs in the Southern United States

I have interviewed eyewitnesses of apparent live pterosaurs, and those eyewitnesses have seen what they have seen in many states, from Washington state to Florida and from California to Maine. But let's now consider a few reports from the Southern states.

Live Pterosaurs in the United States

This post gives a few details about sightings in Arkansas, Ohio, and South Carolina. The apparent pterosaur in Arkansas had a wingspan estimated at twenty-five to thirty feet--not likely any bird. The Ohio pterosaur have have been less gigantic, but it was still shocking to the lady who was driving the car that seemed to have been dive-bombed by a flying creature that did not have feathers. Her experience was similiar to the one by the eyewitness Susan Wooten, except that Wooten was driving in daylight and in South Carolina. She also saw an huge apparent pterosaur (with absolutely no feathers) that  dived down in front of her car while she was driving down a highway. I found each of these eyewitnesses credible.

Pterosaurs Living in the United States

This includes another sighting in Ohio (this one in Antwerp), but this was in daylight. The Marfa Lights (a type of "ghost light") are mentioned as is a sighting in Marion County, Texas, by an eight-year-old boy. A California sighting is also mentioned, with the creature's wingspan estimated at 8-10 feet.

Pterosaur Sighting in Cuba

Of course, Cuba is not part of the United States, notwithstanding the military base at Guantanimo Bay. But that is not far from the southern U.S., and that is where an American Marine saw two pterosaurs in daylight, in 1971. He still stands by his testimony of that experience.
The head was disproportionately large with a long beak and long crest behind. The spine had clear vertebrae at the shoulder diminishing in size as it went lower. It had a kite-like wing structure where the bat-skin type of membrane was stretched over what appeared to be extensions of the hand . . .

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