October 2, 2010

Live Pterosaurs in the Western United States

Reports of modern living pterosaurs are not restricted to any particular region of the United States. Eyewitness accounts include locations in the West, including California and Washington State.

Southern California Pterosaur
A couple in Sun Valley noticed something in the sky. The woman said that it was a bat, but the man saw a “bright radiation like light coming from the belly of this Pterodactyl looking animal.” As the creature flew right over the couple, the man was convinced that it was no bat. He reported, “ it was bigger with large wing span and when it flapped its wings it was kind of a slow lazy flap kind of gliding through the air.” He estimated the wingspan at 15-20 feet . . .
Pterodactyloid in Southern California Desert
We were sitting in the late afternoon shade of a ridge . . . enjoying the solitude and peace and quiet of the desert when it passed over. I . . . looked up. It was soaring along the side of a plateau not far from us . . . [I said] 'that looks just like a Taradactyl!’ . . . My friend looked in the binoculars and said it looked like one but it had to be a kite or something because they were extinct. . . . I grabbed the binoculars . . . I saw was large and very much alive. . . . Its skin, I say skin because there were no feathers, . . . looked like dull leather sort of dusty  . . . The back of the head was pointed.
Two Pterosaurs in Washington State
“I was 15 yrs old [when] I saw two ropens together sitting on a fence. I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house around 5 pm . . . I heard a strange noise [a kind of] screech. . . . on a wood plank fence were two of the biggest bird-like creatures I could ever imagine! . . . I noticed . . . their heads, then I thought this can’t be! Could they be dinosaurs? . . . One was hopping off the fence and appeared like it was teasing the other one. They were huge! . . . [Their] heads I would have to say it was maybe 4 ft long with the beak. . . . Their tails were . . . maybe 6 ft long . . . [From the second edition of the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America (to be published in the Fall of 2010)] (Sighting in the state of Washington)

Dinosaur birds or pterodactyls
From what we have learned from many fossils, those flying creatures used to be common. Not any more. But according to certain eyewitnesses, they are not extinct. According to certain cryptozoologists, they are alive but uncommon. [They are called by some people "dinosaur birds" or "pterodactyls."]

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