January 13, 2011

Marfa Mystery Lights or Car Headlights?

In the blog Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Alive, the December 15, 2010, post handles well the declaration of some critics, that car headlights are the cause of all alleged sightings of mysterious lights around Marfa, Texas. The true Marfa Mystery Lights differ greatly from night mirages of car headlights, and that post made some good points on this.

James is Bunnell is literally a rocket scientist, having been a key member of the team that put men on the moon. He has analyzed photographs of Marfa ML's (mystery lights) and has concluded that some of the lights differ greatly from night mirages of car headlights. The lights he classifies as ML-CE-III fly through the air, sometimes with a glow that resembles many explosions, nothing like any mirage of any car headlight.

In addition, some CE-III ML's are seen in directions that prove they are nowhere near any highway or road.

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