January 6, 2011

Ropen Chasing Ropen in Texas?

The connection between ropens in Papua New Guinea and the *Marfa Lights may be limited, and only with the general concept of "ropen," for the indava of the mainland of PNG might resemble Marfa Lights more than the ropen of Umboi Island (PNG) might. Regardless, I recommend a particular *post of the blog Modern Pterosaur: "Marfa Light, How Bright!"

I'll call it the "Huntington Hypothesis" (HH), this conjecture that the May 8, 2003, sighting by James Bunnell involved one flying predator that was chasing another one for many miles. Consider this carefully; I see no problem with this hypothesis. It involves a male flying predator chasing off a rival male, in a chase that lasted eleven miles.

I remember reading something about this sighting in Bunnell's book. Near the end of the long flight of this light (or two lights that take turns glowing), a local rancher observed it and later remarked that it was the brightest Marfa Light he had ever seen. I also remember that Bunnell considered this sighting unique or at least unusual in that the first light, the one flying higher, was behaving almost like it was a series of explosions.

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