July 27, 2011

"Searching for Dragons" Book

I was hoping that the third edition of my first book, which will be retitled "Searching for Dragons," would be on sale before Christmas, but this now looks very unlikely. It has turned into a major revision, not just with a few new eyewitness sightings: major improvements and many additions. It should have an official publication date early in 2012, but sale copies will probably become available after Christmas.

This cryptozoology book will now include Evelyn Cheesman's sightings of strange flying lights:

As she leaned over the veranda, gazing at the distant hills, deep in that tropical rain forest of New Guinea, the light caught her attention. Why was it below the top of the ridge, below that village? After a few seconds it disappeared but another light appeared, then more. But why there and why in a horizontal line and why were the flashes about four seconds long? She became fascinated by those lights.

Evelyn Cheesman, the first woman to be hired as a curator at Regent’s Park Zoo, in London, explored several islands in the Pacific, early in the twentieth century, including New Guinea. She specialized in collecting insects, not interviewing natives, so when the local “boys” of Mondo, on the mainland of New Guinea, avoided her questions about those lights, she left interviewing, relying on her powers of reasoning to solve the mystery. Alas, it was too distant and too deep.

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