July 6, 2011

Washington Sightings

Washington State Reports of Pterosaurs

Recent report near Tacoma:
We have seen and heard a strange nocturnal, bat-like creature . . . huge, light grey, skin with no fur, feathers or scales. It silently swoops down at you with giant bat wings. . . . We keep our chickens and goats, small dogs and cats safely housed at night, however two of our cats who sneaked out one night onto the roof disappeared without a trace of fur, blood or any evidence of what exactly happened.
Night sighting of apparent bioluminescent flying predators over the Yakima River, state of Washington:
At first I thought I was just seeing shooting stars, but they were all parallel to the river and close to the horizon. Next I noticed that when the cloud cover came in, I could still see the flashes. They were under the cloud cover. 

Live Pterosaurs in the Western United States

Daylight sighting of two pterosaurs in Washington state
“I was 15 yrs old [when] I saw two ropens together sitting on a fence. I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house around 5 pm . . . I heard a strange noise [a kind of] screech. . . . on a wood plank fence were two of the biggest bird-like creatures I could ever imagine! . . . I noticed . . . their heads, then I thought this can’t be! Could they be dinosaurs? . . . One was hopping off the fence . . . They were huge! . . . [Their] heads I would have to say it was maybe four feet long with the beak. . . . Their tails were . . . maybe six feet long . . .

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