January 24, 2012

Giant Pterosaurs of San Diego

The apparent pterosaurs were said to have huge wingspans, one wing alone being 10-15 feet, making a wingspan estimated to be about 20-30 feet: obviously no seagull. The long tails suggest the animals were ropens. One of the two eyewitnesses of the November 4, 2011, flyover (San Diego, California) contacted me by email; we soon had a phone conversation in which he appeared to me to be quite credible, not at all like a hoaxer. He and his friend had seen two flying creatures, one following the other.

Why believe that the two men saw large ropens? A few years ago, in daylight, another eyewitness had seen a giant ropen flying into the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Orange County, which is also in Southern California.

Nocturnal Pterosaurs in San Diego

“I was at my friend’s house. Well it was a really clear night, because it had rained the day before. We were standing in the street and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stars, they were really bright. Then from the west came this dark object in the sky. It was right over us about, I say, 40 yards [high]. As it got closer we both yelled, “What the hell is that?” It looked like a huge bird. It was gliding . . . I was stuck looking at it the entire time. I began yelling at it, then it turned around and it stood still in the air. It was flapping its wings while it was there. Then outta nowhere here came another one. It was waiting for it; as it got close to the other one, they both went east.
Third Edition of Live Pterosaurs in America

In the United States of America—that’s where Scott Norman, in 2007, became the first American cryptozoologist to see a clear form of a living pterosaur while searching for one: a large flying creature with a head three to four feet long. We mourn the passing (from natural causes) of our young friend who is deeply missed in the cryptozoology community.

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