August 2, 2012

Modern Pterosaur in California

Where can you go to see a living pterosaur, if you'd rather not trudge through the humid jungles of Papua New Guinea? Try looking into a storm drainage canal in Los Angeles County. That's what I'm doing now.

A lady in her backyard in Lakewood, California, had no desire to see a "dragon pterodactyl" when she walked out from under her gazebo, at 11:45 a.m., on June 19, 2012, but that's what she saw. Yell at your dog for barking too much, but beware of the ropen that may be perched on the telephone cable, eighteen feet from your forehead. Sometimes dogs bark for a reason.

The lady estimated the wingspan at six feet or more and the tail at four feet or more. The flying creature had no feathers, and the tail had a "triangle" at the end.

After talking with me about her sighting, she remembered something that happened at night, about a year earlier. She saw something fly through the storm canal, and she heard the dogs barking, one after another, as the creature must have been flying past the backyards where her neighbors have dogs.

One of the storm channels in Lakewood, California

Flying Creature in Southern California
On July 23, I set up my game camera, with the help of the eyewitness’s husband. Some people call this automatic camera a “deer cam,” triggered by movement. This one records both night and day. As of early August 1, 2012, I have not yet seen anything, in the hundreds of photos, that appears to be a pterosaur, but not all images have been examined in detail, and this investigation may continue for many weeks, perhaps months.

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