September 13, 2012

New Nonfiction Book on Modern Pterosaurs

I finished my newest book, Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, and its available on the Amazon Kindle store.

This is my first ebook. The Amazon-Kindle version has a linked index and linked table of contents. I hope to make this nonfiction cryptozoology ebook availabe in other formats soon.

From the Preface:
You will here find reports of encounters with apparent living pterosaurs, including many accounts never before published in any book. Other sighting reports are condensed from the print book Searching for Ropens. The ebook you are now examining is neither exhaustive nor rudimentary, but it explains most of what most Australians, and others, need to know about what might, on rare occasions, fly over their heads at night.

From the first chapter:
Who could organize any expedition to search for living pterosaurs? Only an official discovery could awaken Western scientists so they could search for extant pterosaurs, but discovery normally comes after searching, not before. Looking back at this problem, from the time of Darwin until 1990 it appears to have been an almost hopeless atmosphere for a discovery. But a solution eventually appeared . . . from an unexpected source.

Modern Pterosaur in Australia
Sighting reports of modern pterosaurs in Australia often come from the coast: eastern coast (just north of Brisbane), south coast, and west coast.

Giant Pterodactyls in Australia
Many cryptozoologists may have read about the Perth pterosaur, for much has been written about that sighting in Western Australia; but other Australians, and some non-Australians, have seen obvious living pterosaurs on this continent and over the surrounding seas and islands.

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