July 24, 2010

Texas Pterosaur in 1995

Strange as the story may seem, an eight-year-old child's telling of an encounter with a living pterosaur does not prove the power of a young imagination; of course the strangeness does suggest to an adult that the experience was only imagined, but nobody forces any adult to disbelieve any story of a child. Several things have led me to believe that Aaron Tullock, as a child, saw a living pterosaur, regardless of American indoctrinations into universal extinctions, and I submit this account as credible.

As an adult, Mr. Tullock got in touch with me, sending me his drawings and submitting to my interview questions. I was satisfied with his responses. Here are excerpts from the blog Live Pterodactyl (Texas pterosaur sighting):

This thing flew over my head, about eight feet off the ground, and stopped and hovered in mid air. I was facing west, so the creature flew from east going west which means it came from our land across the road, which is a nice mix of oak and pine forest and thick swamp. . . . It stopped in mid air and hovered there by flapping its featherless, bat-like wings, which were about four feet in span, maybe five. It had a tail about three feet long, with the . . . flange on the end . . . no head crest and no feathers at all, although there was kind of a longish bump on the back of the head. . . .

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