June 2, 2010

Modern Pterosaurs in Africa

Much has been written about the pterosaur-like kongamato of central Africa. But some obscure reports deserve attention: similar flying creatures in other areas of Africa. Consider a few of these reports, in addition to one perspective on why the kongamato has not yet been documented by bird watchers.

"Pterodactyl" in Sudan, Africa
Walking from one mud-brick hut to another, early one night in 1988, the boy noticed something on the roof of a nearby hut. Lit up by the patio light, perched on the edge of the roof, the creature appeared to be four-to-five feet tall, olive brown, and leathery (no feathers). A “long bone looking thing” stuck out the back of its head, and its long tail [like] that of a lion.
"Flying Snakes" and Pterosaurs in Namibia
In 1942, a flying snake like animal swooped down from a cave in the vicinity of a farm near Kirris West sixty miles east of Keetmanshoop, in south-west Namibia.The flying snake, or whatever it was, frightened Michael Esterhuise, a farm hand, severely and left a trace on the ground and a burning smell. . . .
Up to now I had thought the dragon-like flying snake of Namibia was a distinct cryptid from the ropen of Papua New Guinea, but the Namibian animal is reported to have a light on its head, just as the ropen has a light, but on the tail. See p.124 Searching for Ropens 2nd ed. Jonathan Whitcomb.
Bird watching sans pterosaurs
The Wikipedia post for “kongamato” includes “the area concerned is advertised as a prime birdwatching site,” bringing up the question of why birdwatchers do not report living pterosaurs in Africa. Wikipedia gives no answer, implying that the possibility of a live pterosaur in Africa is therefore doubtful. From Wikipedia’s “birdwatching” page, we learn that many birds “are more readily detected and identified by ear.” That makes sense if many birds are often hidden by vegetation, and they are. The photos on that page make even more sense, for birdwatchers are watching in daylight, when they can see. The point? Many reports of living long-tailed pterosaurs suggest that the creatures fly at night.
Nonfiction Cryptozoology Book Live Pterosaurs in America

Did you know that living pterosaurs have been reported in the United States of America, for years? Incredible! Until recently, when cryptozoologists have interviewed more carefully, eyewitnesses had been afraid to come forward, for the most part; now those who choose to can remain anonymous and tell of their encounters, amazing encounters with pterodactyls. Read the many eyewitness sighting reports; purchase Live Pterosaurs in America, the cryptozoology book, on Amazon.com.

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